What is STEP?

"This class was the most important parenting tool I have ever been given. It provided me with a loving, effective and respectful method of parenting."

- parent, class participant

STEP stands for Systematic Training for Effective Parenting and is based on a philosophy of mutual respect between parents and children. In these sessions, parents are helped to understand the developmental needs and abilities of young children, to identify the purposes of misbehavior, and to deal with it in ways that are both loving and effective. In seven to nine sessions, you'll learn helpful techniques to improve family communication and encourage cooperation, plus effective discipline strategies that promote both self-esteem and mutual respect. Each session makes use of a variety of materials, including books, a video, handouts, exercises and--most importantly--discussion among the parents involved.

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The seven Early Childhood STEP sessions focus on these topics:

1 - Understanding young children
Their individual temperaments and stages of development; importance of play; appropriate parental expectations.

2 - Understanding young children's behavior
What misbehavior is���and what is not; why children misbehave.

3 - Building self-esteem in the early years

The importance of mutual respect and encouragement.

4 - Communicating with young children
How to listen, talk so you are heard, communicate through touch, and help children find the words for feelings.

5 - Helping young children learn to cooperate
How much cooperation to expect from babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

6 - Effective discipline

Why rewards and punishments don't work, and what works instead.

7 - Nurturing emotional & social development
Ways to deal with crying, jealousy, fears, tantrums, bedtime, mealtime, toilet training, aggression and more.

In addition to these seven standard STEP sessions, Ellen also offers two more sessions focusing on:

8 - Siblings
Understanding sibling relationships and fostering family harmony.

9 - Wrap-up/Question & Answer
Summary, reflection, related topics, where to go from here.




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