What is HELP? HELP stands for:

Healthy - Geared towards the physical, emotional, social and cognitive development of your child.

Effective - Techniques that work to improve communication, understanding, behavior and the parent/child relationship.

Loving - A positive approach based on mutual respect and love.

Parenting - The most important job you have!

Have you ever wondered:

...When will my baby sleep through the night?
...Why does my toddler constantly say "No"?
...How can I get my child to stop hitting?
...Will my children ever get along with each other?
...Is my child normal?
...How can I get my child to listen?
...What can I do about all the whining?
...How can I stop yelling?
...How can I make sure my child is ready for school?
...What if my child doesn't want to go to school?
...How can I help my child develop healthy self-esteem?

These and other questions are common to parents. HELP is a personal service specifically tailored to address the needs of you and your children.

Raising children is one of the most joyful experiences you'll ever have, but also one of the most intense and relentless.

Ellen is available by appointment to talk with you about your child and any parenting issues you may be concerned about. Home visits and observations are also offered.



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