Conscious Discipline® is a relationship-based approach to being with children based on Loving Guidance™. Some features include:

- Based on love, rather than fear
- Supported by brain research
- Based on understanding of child development
- Emotional Intelligence program (for adults and children)
- Involves self-reflection
- Training to shift perception to seeing the positive
- Teaches skills to help parents become the people
   they want to be to model for their children.

Our actions are determined by our perceptions. This program teaches how to change behavior by focusing on perceptions as well as actions.

Learning to change our own behavior will lead to changing our childrens' behavior, which will lead to greater closeness and ability to resolve conflicts and enjoy life.

The following values are emphasized: integrity, respect, committment, interdependence, cooperation, compassion and responsibility. Conscious Discipline® is for parents as well as teachers and other professionals who work with children of all ages.

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